Michael Rechlin

  • Illustrator and Conceptualizer
  • Valhalla, Asgard


D-Verse Publishing, Dark Sword Miniatures, Blood Moon Miniatures, The Scottsdale Mint, Viking Cultures, Mantic Games, Raku Games, World of Strange, Sacred Wolf Games




Lead Artist at D-Verse Publishing

2017 – Present

Art for Various gaming projects.

Miniature Conceptualization at Dark Sword Miniatures

2014 – Present Freelance

Character designer for Critter Kingdoms line.

Miniature Conceptualization/Spot Illustration at Blood Moon Miniatures

2013 – 2017 Freelance

Character designs and spot illustrations for the upcoming game, Gears and Mutants. Re-design of existing line of upcoming Bog Raider miniatures. Cover Artwork & Logo Images-

Illustrator/Designer at The Scottsdale Mint

2015 – 2015 Freelance

Design and Illustration for the coin series, Vikings-Gods.Kings.Warriors

Merch Illustration at Viking Cultures

2015-2016 Freelance

Illustration for Germanic Mythology and Viking inspired apparel.

Miniature Conceptualization at Mantic Games

2014 – 2014 Freelance

Character designs for the game- Kings of War.

Artist at Self-Publisher

2008 – 2018

I have been self-publishing books of my art since 2008.

Artist at Publications


Art published in Infected by Art vol.#3-6, Aphrodisia vol.#1-2, Eye Candy for strangers, and more…


Fantasy IllustrationMacabre IllustrationCharacter DesignMiniature Conceptualization